Welcome to the FRIENDS of TBLI

Welcome to the FRIENDS of TBLI

What TBLI does
With its global network of forerunners in ESG and Impact Investing and the valuable support of our partners, TBLI continues to work towards its long-term objective: to help shaping the future of a sustainable economy and mobilizing more capital towards ESG and Impact Investing.

And we have cause for optimism as we witness more and more financial institutions placing ESG and Impact Investing higher on their agendas.

Support TBLI and become a FRIEND
Building on the inspiration and generous support from our network, TBLI is currently scaling up its activities and launching new initiatives such as TBLI CLUB, the cooperation with GATE IMPACT and the FRIENDS of TBLI.

By joining FRIENDS of TBLI™ with a financial contribution (starting from €250) you will support the innovation and growth of our services.


All members, regardless of their number and level of contributions, will be listed on the TBLI Websites, unless indicated otherwise.

€250 - €500
 -10% discount on TBLI CLUB Membership for one year

€500 - €1000
-10% discount on a TBLI CLUB Membership
-30% discount on TBLI CONFERENCE (1 per year)

€1000 - €2500

-25% discount on a TBLI CLUB membership

-30% discount on TBLI CONFERENCE pass (1 per year)

€2500 - €5000

-50% discount on a 2-year TBLI CLUB membership
-60% discount on TBLI CONFERENCE™ passes (2 per year)
-Free Grand Dinner pass at TBLI CONFERENCE (1 per year)

 €5000 and above
-Free 2-year membership for TBLI CLUB
-Free TBLI CONFERENCE pass (2 per year)
-Free Grand Dinner passes (2 per year)

Start Your Membership
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    You will have the opportunity to add additional group members later in the registration process. If there are fees associated with this event, the total fees for all registrants in the group will be charged to the first person in the group. If members of the group are paying individually (for example, with different credit cards), you must create separate registrations for each.
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