Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning 19th - 20th October 2019

Handforth nr Wilmslow, Cheshire
Saturday, 19 October 2019
Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning 19th - 20th October 2019
Saturday, 19 October 2019 10:00 -
Sunday, 20 October 2019 17:00 (GMT)

Pinotage Suite, Hallmark Hotel
Stanley Road
Handforth nr Wilmslow
United Kingdom

Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning Training

This is a Two Day Intensive Training

Course Investment: £300

Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning (MBIR) is a mindfulness based therapeutic technique that works via the bodies energy system.

  • It does not require that you analyse the clients problem
  • It does not require that the client talks you through their story

What is Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning?

  • It is a mindfulness based technique
  • It is an energy therapy approach that works via the bodies energy system, much like approaches such as EFT. However it differs from EFT in that it is a minimalist approach. Tapping is only done on one point on the body
  • It is based on our latest scientific understanding of the mind/ body system
  • It is a simple approach based on the concept that the mind/ body system can heal itself. Many medical interventions are also based on this concept, they attempt to stimulate a self healing
  • It is a gentle approach
  • The objective of the Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning technique is to help the mind/ body system reach a state of operating in a coherent, balanced manner.


Read What Others Are Saying About Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning

"Firstly thank you for the training on (Mindfulness Based) Inner RePatterning over the weekend. I experienced the training over the weekend as fun, vibrant,engaging and innovative. I met some great people and have started to network with them already so that was an added bonus. I would like to share my experience around this technique. I feel it could shake the therapeutic world up if it catches on and I do not say that lightly. I have used the technique with clients and the results are proving very positive. I work across all disorders however I have a particular interest in working with PTSD and  in particular complex PTSD.

I also work extensively with Personality Disorder (PD) and this technique is proving brilliant for these conditions. It is a simple technique and the beauty lies in a number of its facets. It is calming because of its mindfulness base which also means it is in the moment. It does not require specific detail or demand a story (which in PTSD) is at times vital especially earlier on in treatment. It embraces the clients issues and gives the client the autonomy to process and experience the issues on their terms. 

It works on many levels simultaneously but crucially in a measured way. I would without hesitation recommend Inner RePatterning to all therapists because this modality has much to offer and I for one have already started to embed this technique in my practice. This modality answers many needs that we as therapists may be presented with. It works on their breathing, imagery, cognitions, behaviors and emotions and does so gently. It is focused on addressing any issue including significant emotions such as shame so to me this approach is exciting. 

As an accredited and registered eating disorders therapist I am truly excited in how this technique could help the patients that I work with whom live with an eating disorder. I also see real potential in incorporating this in play therapy because it's use of colour I feel could compliment play therapy and I will be looking at ways of blending the two in to my work. 

If I could say one last thing about (Mindfulness Based) Inner RePatterning it would be that it should be mandatory training for therapists because this approach as much to offer on many levels. A great training programme delivered professionally and clearly by a presenter whom knows her stuff.  A truly fantastic day and a day in which i learned a lot. You WILL see me on more courses on Inner RePatterning".

David Kinvig (MBACP. MBABCP) 

Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning

Inner RePatterning is a technique developed from EFT by EFT Founding Master, Tania A Prince and June K Spencer, EFT Trainer.   It is a powerful approach for creating personal transformation.  It works in the “present moment” the “Now” without having to talk about or analyze "the problem".

Tania’s Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning training courses provide students with a thorough grounding in how to effectively use the Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning technique. The training includes demonstrations and offers students plenty of opportunity to practice with fellow attendees in a safe, supervised environment.


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