Dartfish Tagging Analyst Course (London)

London, Hertfordshire
Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Dartfish Tagging Analyst Course (London)
Wednesday, 21 March 2012 09:30 - 16:45 (GMT)

Lee Valley Olympic White Water Centre
Station Road
Waltham Cross
United Kingdom

Map and Directions

Dartfish Training at an Olympic venue

The Lee Valley White Water centre was built for London 2012 and as it will be closing to the public soon after the course, we were keen to use it before it takes on its olympic role! Its a great venue within easy reach of London and the M25, M1 and M11 motorways so I'm very much looking forward to this course and meeting you there

About Tagging Analyst Training

The Tagging Analyst course is for users of Dartfish TeamPro and Connect Plus editions who want to master the Tagging module of the software. Tagging is a tool for indexing the content of video. Tagging panel buttons are used to timestamp and describe the highlights of a video and these can be searched and analyzed as if they were video clips in their own right. Tagging is also used to compile frequency statistics, create highlights movies or simply to quickly edit and catalog the useful bits in a long recording.
Historically used for match analysis, tagging is now used in any scenario where key moments of long videos need to be identified: Analysis of teacher or referee performance, behavioural analysis, drama performance analysis... are all novel uses that Dartfish is being used for.

You will learn by hands-on instruction, practical tasks and experience shared. 

Qualification criteria

No previous Dartfish experience is required. The minimum requirement is that you have enough computer knowledge to copy files from a CD to a folder on your hard drive and that you know the basics of how to record video using your camcorder.  You will get much more from the course if you practice this beforehand.

Video Coach Training course

Please note that this course is immediately preceded by a Dartfish video coach training course. Those who want to have a more complete knowledge of what Dartfish can offer should select that course from the schedule as this will allow you to sign up for both courses at a reduced rate.


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