Hong Kong Workshop 2013

Tuesday, 04 June 2013

Summary - Hong Kong, Tuesday 4 June 2013
Why should I attend?
To achieve SOLAS carriage requirements for the use of ECDIS as a primary means of navigation, the ship’s safety management system shall include procedures for the operational use of ECDIS.  This workshop will utilise the expertise of the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office to assist shipping companies to achieve this important requirement.
Who is it for?
The workshop will benefit any person involved with the shipping industry including, managers, owners, ship personnel, regulators and auditors.  This workshop follows the highly acclaimed Admiralty Digital Integration Workshop which provided a step-by-step process to the safe and efficient adoption of ECDIS.  During these workshops the audience requested more detail and assistance with regulatory requirements and development of ECDIS policy and procedure.  This workshop is the UKHO’s response to that request.

What is it about?

Legal requirements for the adoption of ECDIS may appear complex and vary with interpretation.  The workshop will clarify these issues and provide a checklist of items and issues required by international standards.  This will assist the shipping companies to prepare for any Port State inspection or third party audit relating to the ECDIS. 

Policy and procedures for the operational use of ECDIS should be developed through a structured risk analysis process.  The workshop will identify the hazards associated with the operation of ECDIS and control measures to adopt to minimise the risk.  Although the shipping industry are experts at risk assessment, it is the identifying of hazards and control methods which require expertise in ECDIS.  The UKHO are well placed to provide this expertise.

The UKHO has been charting the world’s oceans for more than 200 years and continues to set the global standard for navigational data, with its Admiralty paper and digital chart and publication services used on the majority of international commercial ships.  The Admiralty Vector Chart Service, which now holds over 12,000 Electronic Navigational Charts, offers the widest official chart coverage available for major shipping routes and ports.  The UKHO is also playing a vital role in supporting the shipping industry’s transition to digital navigation, including its ECDIS workshops.

Captain Paul Hailwood, Master Mariner, Workshop presenter.
What will it be like?
The workshop will be informal, practical and interactive with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and network with fellow industry colleagues and the presenter.

Who will present the workshop?
Captain Paul Hailwood, an internationally renowned expert on ECDIS and integrated bridge operations, will lead the workshop.  He will be supported by UKHO experts with a cross section of expertise including electronic chart construction, support and development.  The workshop will allow plenty of time for questions and discussions with the UKHO team either during or immediately following the presentation.

Translation services will be provided.


Contact Details

  • For all queries on the Implementing your ECDIS procedures workshop, please contact admiralty@ct-live.com