12th International Infant Cry Workshop

Monday, 07 July 2014

12th International Infant Cry Workshop
12th International Infant Cry Workshop
Monday, 07 July 2014 - Wednesday, 09 July 2014

Scarman Training and Conference Centre
Warwick Conferences
University of Warwick
United Kingdom

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The 12th International Infant Cry Workshop aims to convene infant crying researchers from diverse disciplines to share recent findings, introduce new methodologies, and exchange ideas about the role of infant crying in optimizing infant health and enhancing children’s developmental outcomes.  This multidisciplinary conference will open new avenues of future research in infant crying and spark productive collaborations among diverse researchers and institutions.  The result of such interchanges is an improvement in our understanding of early infant communication and a refinement of advice to parents regarding early infant care.

Infant cry research encompasses many aspects of infancy, many types of infants, as well as the reactions and interventions of parents and caretakers.  The field covers, among other topics, studies of excessive infant crying (i.e., colic); the effects of parenting on crying; crying in premature and otherwise vulnerable infants; crying as a communicative tool; crying and temperament in normal development; crying in clinical practice; crying and infant physiology; crying in infants and children with psychopathology, such as autism; crying as a trigger for infant abuse and shaken baby syndrome (SBS); crying as a barometer of infant neurological fitness; and crying as an evolved signal and property of mammalian brains.  The theme of the upcoming meeting is “Infant Crying: Biological Bases, Developmental Consequences, and Clinical Issues.”  This theme reflects our goal of integrating basic research and applied perspectives in the field.

Confirmed speakers for the 12th International Infant Cry Workshop are:
• Dr Cynthia Stifter – The Pennsylvania State University, USA
• Dr Pilyoung Kim – University of Denver, USA
• Professor Ian St James-Roberts - University of London Institute of Education
Professor Stephen Sheinkopf - Brown Alpert Medical School, USA

The Infant Cry Workshop consists of research talks, invited addresses, and poster presentations by leading experts in the field of infant crying from all over the world. Work is presented at all stages of preparation, including work in the preliminary stage that has not yet come to fruition, for immediate feedback from audience participants. The meeting is an intimate gathering of researchers from diverse fields including clinicians, and graduate-level trainees in Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Anthropology, Comparative/Evolutionary Psychology, Pediatrics, Neonatology, Nursing, and Neuroscience.

International Infant Cry Workshops have a history of catalyzing infant crying research and helping to advance knowledge in the field of infant development and care. Researchers hailing from all over the world gather for a rare, in person opportunity to exchange ideas and findings. In addition, the conference assists early-stage researchers in connecting to senior scientists, who may provide useful feedback about ongoing and future research. Finally, the ultimate aim of the conference is to disseminate more accurate and useful information about infant crying in order to improve the health and lives of parents and infants in the United States and elsewhere.

There is a longstanding tradition of Infant Cry Workshops taking on the local flavour of the countries in which they take place. The upcoming meeting, hosted by the University of Warwick, will be held in the historic and picturesque Warwickshire county ("Shakespeare Country") UK, home to numerous cathedrals, gardens, museums and galleries. Situated in the Heart of England, The University of Warwick is easily accessible by road, rail and air.


Contact Details


    Prof Dieter Wolke, University of Warwick, UK
    Prof Debra Zeifman, Vassar College, USA
    Dr Barbara Medoff-Cooper, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, USA

    Key Dates:
    Registration/early bird:         01/07/13
    Call for papers                         01/07/13
    Early bird closes:                     31/10/13
    Abstract submissions close:  28/02/14    
    Late poster abstract closes:  09/05/14

    To register interest for updates please email cryworkshop2014@warwick.ac.uk
    For queries please contact Kerry Walsh or Collette Bent
    Tel: 01780 484491