Essentials of Team Leadership Feb/Mar 2016

Monday, 08 February 2016

Essentials of Team Leadership 
February - March 2016

  • Do you worry you’re not getting the best out of the people you lead – or yourself?
  • Do you struggle to keep your team focused on priority tasks?
  • Do you find it hard to deal with conflict within a team, or to manage different personalities?
  • Are you keen to take a greater lead role but don’t feel you have the confidence or experience?
  • Would you like to get expert leadership training but don’t have the time or budget to attend a formal course?
Essentials of Team Leadership is designed for individuals in the creative sector who currently lead or manage others – or may do in the future. It consists of:

  • 6 x 2 hour modules run over a period of six weeks
  • Live, real-time virtual classes accessed through your web browser from your home or office, regardless of where you are based
  • Choose daytime or afternoon attendance
  • Additional self study package allows you to learn flexibly in your own time
What's in it for you?
  • The course will equip you to get the best out of your team, by enabling you to:
  • Identify and make the best of your own leadership style
  • Master the challenges of managing in a creative environment
  • Manage tasks effectively: prioritise, delegate and set goals for team members
  • Give and receive performance-based feedback to improve results
  • Work with the diverse personalities and styles in your team
  • Resolve conflict to get the best result for everyone.
The course runs from 15th February 2016 - 21st March 2016. Choose from:

Morning Programme: Mondays 10am -12 noon REGISTER HERE
Afternoon Programme: Mondays 4pm - 6pm REGISTER HERE

Contact Details

  • Marie Sandford
    Programme Coordinator
    D +44 (0)20 3326 7314

Payment Instructions

    Morning Course 10am-12pm
    Afternoon Course 4pm-6pm

    Course fees are payable at the time of booking.

    The course costs £250
    (all fees exclude VAT at 20%)
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