Advanced Capacitors World Summit 2009

La Jolla, CA
Tuesday, 31 March 2009



4/2: Photos from the event now available!

Click here to download the latest agenda (as of 3/23/09)

Photos live from the conference:

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Richard Smith
ANA Strategic
Systems Group
Andrew Burke
University of
California Davis

Bobby Maher
M Cubed Consulting (Advisory Committee)

Stan Atcity
Sandia National Laboratories
(Advisory Committee)
Robert Tressler
(Advisory Committee)
Yuri Maletin
APowerCap Technologies
(Advisory Committee)
John Miller
Maxwell Technologies

(Advisory Committee)



Here is a sample of some the companies already registered to attend:
(last updated 3/17/09)

Air Force Research Laboratory

APowerCap Technologies, LLC

Arcotronics Industries

Battery Ventures

Chemi-Con Materials Corp

Cornell Dubilier


Dow Chemical Company

Eaton Corporation

Elbit Systems

Eltron Research


Firelake Capital

FullPower Inc
General Electric Corporation

General Motors Corp.

GoNano Technologies

Graphene Energy Inc.

Hudson Technologies
Ionix Power Systems LLC

ISE Corporation

IVUS Energy Innovations

JSR Micro Inc

Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems

M Cubed Consulting

Maxwell Technologies

Metro Mold and Design

Mitsui USA


NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Natural Resources Canada


Nichicon America

Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation

PC Krause and Associates Inc

Qynergy Corporation

Reticle, Inc.
Richardson Electronics

RockPort Capital Partners

Sandia Laboratories

Sasaki Izu Dream Hatsudenkikk

Sigma Technologies International Inc.

TAW Electronics, Inc

University of Arizona

University of California, Davis

University of Rochester

Volvo Technology Corp.



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