Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning 27th October 2017

Manchester Airport, Manchester
Friday, 27 October 2017

Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning One Day Training

Why learn Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning?


  • It is stunningly easy to use

  • It can often get results incredibly quickly

  • It does not require analysis of the problem

  • It does not require visiting and talking about past events

  • It can be life changing

  • It does not require either the therapist or client to understand the problem

Who Should Attend this Course?

  • Existing therapists or people who would like to become therapists

  • This course counts towards 12 CPD points for EFT Level 2 and 3ers (AAMET)

  • No previous experience of EFT is needed to attend this course

  • People interested in self help or working with family and friends

  • No previous knowledge of therapy techniques needed to attend this training

What Will You Learn On This Course?

  • Understanding the structure of problems
  • How to identify the problem
  • The goals of Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning
  • The power of Intention
  • How to conduct a Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning session
  • The importance of Heart/ Brain balance
  • Coherence and its importance
  • The human Biofield and its importance
  • The vagus nerve and Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning
  • Scientific understandings of Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning
  • The power of Mindfulness
  • Understanding the mind/ body system and how it operates, including information on the fascia
This training consists of both live and online modules.

Practical Sessions

During this training students will have ample opportunity to get hands on experience of using the technique with real issues in a supervised environment.

Attendance certificates will be issued at the end of the one day training.


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