SharePoint Summit 2009

Hayes, Middlesex
Thursday, 07 May 2009

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- Planning and Governance
- SharePoint Takes the Gold
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Keynote: SharePoint Takes the Gold

SharePoint has "won the gold" as a platform for rich collaboration and rapidly deployed solutions during the broadcast of the Olympics from Torino, Beijing and for the upcoming Vancouver 2010. Join Dan Holme, Microsoft Technologies Consultant for NBC Olympics, for an inside look at how SharePoint is put to use in one of the most unique IT efforts in the world. This unique session sheds an exciting and practical light on the business value and ROI of SharePoint, and sets the stage for an insightful event.

Bare Metal Governance: Where Governance Meets Design

You've read the white papers, you've Googled "governance," but how, exactly, do you IMPLEMENT governance and SUPPORT a governance plan with SharePoint?  Join SharePoint MVP and consultant Dan Holme for a practical, nuts-and-bolts look at the close relationship between SharePoint's features and limitations and your governance requirements.  Learn how to align your information architecture with SharePoint farms, web applications, and site collections.  Take away practical, blueprint-like guidance to what a governed SharePoint implementation might look like in your enterprise.

Administrator's Quick Start

While most SharePoint administrative tasks are well documented, there remain too many that are tricky, misunderstood, or underdocumented. In this rapid-fire session, Dan will shed light on SharePoint security, backup and restore, site provisioning, alerts & email, user and group management, and more.  Dan will also cover best practices for SharePoint architecture and implementation, and help you to avoid common mistakes and performance bottlenecks.

Big Wins with Business Intelligence Lite: High Value, Low Effort Solutions

Too often, business intelligence (BI) is seen as a giant, expensive undertaking, but it doesn't have to be! Dan Holme, a SharePoint Server MVP, has guided his clients to high value solutions through "BI Lite"--solutions that use out-of-box functionality of Windows SharePoint Server lists and Office client applications to move critical business data from old-school Excel and Access files to online, multi-user solutions. This session will share several approaches that can be used to make the most of SharePoint as a database and application platform without ever cracking open Visual Studio, and before the BDC.  Through practical, real world examples you'll be inspired to identify and solve business problems and to deliver "big wins" that drive success and adoption of SharePoint and Office in your enterprise.

You'll learn to:

• Move important, shared, or multi-user databases from their 20th century home in Excel worksheets and Access databases to SharePoint

• Create rich, code-free "business intelligence lite" SharePoint solutions that leverage Excel as an analysis and presentation tool

• Develop sophisticated, intelligent relational database applications with gorgeous forms and reports using Access as a SharePoint front-end


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