Refining and Biorefining for Papermakers

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

3rd Annual
Biorefining for The Pulp & Paper Industry

Today's biproduct as tomorrow's high value revenue stream

23 - 25 February 2010
Sheraton Stockholm Hotel, Sweden

Pira International would like to express our warm thanks to all thos who attended our conferences.  We hope you enjoyed the events and that they met your expectations.

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         Biorefining for the Pulp & Paper: Agenda

                          Day 1 – Wednesday 24 February 2010 


08.00  Registration and coffee

09.00  Opening remarks from the Chair
          Graham Moore, Strategy Manager, PIRA INTERNATIONAL, UK 

<Keynote address>
09.10  Shaping the future of the pulp & paper industry
          - assessment of current prospects for the pulp and paper industry
          - opportunities and challenges
          - future scope for biorefining
          - impact on current manufacturing and processes
          Dr Markku Karlsson, Senior Vice President Technology,
          UPM KYMMENE, Finland 

<Keynote address>
09.45  Future growth in biorefining: “Feet on the ground, brow in the air"
          - current outlook for biobased chemicals and materials
          - growth and opportunity for global biorefining projects
          - implications for forest-based value chain
          - roads ahead
          Dr Petri Vasara, Principal - New Technologies, PÖYRY MANAGEMENT
          CONSULTING, Finland

10.20  Investing in biorefining today for tomorrow's opportunities
         - biocomposites from cellulose
         - green diesel/gasoline from lignin
         - green barrier films and superabsorbers
         - new opportunities for the Forest Products Industry

10.50  Morning refreshments 

                             END MARKET REQUIREMENTS

11.20  Identifying high value uses for cellulose fibres within the consumer
          products industry
          - challenges and opportunities for fast moving consumer products 
          - an example of a specific project: an attempt to use cellulose fibres as a
          - significant component of detergent products
          - why Unilever believe this could be useful
          - seeking collaboration from the pulp and paper industry
          Bob Crawford, Discovery Platform Manager, UNILEVER R&D, UK

11.50  Q&A

12.05  Lunch will be served for all speakers and delegates

13.30  Initiating & development of new products and processes within a
          wood-based biorefinery 
          - a short description of the biorefinery of the future 
          - strategies for initiating new projects
          - utilisation of side streams to produce new products
          - presentation of some interesting on-going projects
          Dr Hans Grundberg, Development Engineer, PROCESSUM

14.00  Lignin – the material of a thousand uses
          - new driving forces for lignin-based products
          - future markets for lignin-based products
          - the need for industrial collaboration
          Fredrik Gellerstedt, Project Manager, SÖDRA INNOVATION, Sweden

14.30  Creating functional products from non-cellulosic forest biomass and
          - wood derived polysaccaride formulations
          - hemicelluloses
          - hydrogels 
          - films
          - chemical modifications
          Dr Ulrica Edlund, Associate Professor – Fibre & Polymer Technology,

15.00  Afternoon refreshments

                              THE BIOREFINING VALUE CHAIN

15.30  Global potential of lignocellulosic biomass
          - global potential in competition with food
          - sustainability criteria reducing potential of biomass
          - land use changes and scenarios
          - energy crops and residues 
         Klaas Koop, Consultant, ECOFYS, The Netherlands

16.00  The sustainable biorefinery
          - biomass to products – can we beat oil?
          - Life cycle analysis of biorefinery products
          - balancing energy supply
          - selected development projects
          - generation biofuels – an opportunity for the pulp & paper industry
          Gisle Lohre Johansen, Vice President R&D and NBD, BORREGAARD,

16.30  Biorefinery business models
          - key biorefinery concepts for transforming the industry
          - product diversification towards a new business model
          - the role of partnerships for the biorefinery: some key examples
          - methodology for strategic implementation of the biorefinery
          - focus on business model 
          Virginie Chambost, Project Director - Biorefinery Programme, ÉCOLE
          POLYTECHNIQUE DE MONTRÉAL, and President, ENVERTIS, Canada

17.00  Competitors unite - collaboration in the area of biorefineries
          - the paper industry - the hundreds of years old teenager
          - pulp, paper, power vs. energy, electricity, ethanol
          - the European research labyrinth
          - the star-COLIBRI philosophy
          Johan Elvnert, Coordinator of the Star-COLIBRI Project, and
          Management Group Member, FOREST-BASED SECTOR TECHNOLOGY
          PLATFORM, Belgium 

17.30  Closing remarks from the Chair

17.40  Drinks reception 

Day 2 – Thursday 25 February 2010 

                        BIOREFINERIES AROUND THE GLOBE:

08.00  Registration and coffee

08.30  Opening remarks from the Chair
          Graham Moore, Strategy Manager, PIRA INTERNATIONAL, UK

08.45  Transforming pulp mills into biorefineries
           - using black liquor gasification technology: the challenges at industrial 
           - opening up new markets for the mill
           - producing renewable fuels and chemicals in a sustainable way
           - DME production: an example 
            Ingvar Landälv, CTO, CHEMREC, Sweden

A radically new liquid lignin recovery and purification process
          - history and how discovery was made
          - description of the process
          - benefits of SLRP
          - development plan
Michael Lake, President, TECHLAKE, US

Application of biofuels for power generation in Italy
          - history of INDI and Envergent
          - economic and environmental case for clean power in Italy
          - technology options to address INDI needs
          - RTP process technology description as it is applied to INDI project status
            and forward plan
           Federico Caporale, CEO, and Marco Di Stanislao, Business
           Development Director, INDUSTRIA E INNOVAZIONE, Italy, and Mark
           Reno, Managing Director, ENVERGENT TECHNOLOGIES, US

Biorefining at Solander Science Park in Piteå, Sweden - towards
          new business models 
          - the Solander forest biorefinery initiative to date
          - challenges we are facing, how these are overcome
          - business models and commercial achievements thus far
          - future growth and next steps 
Robert Bergman, Project Manager - External Information, SOLANDER
          SCIENCE PARK, Sweden

11.00  Bioplastics as an end product from the pulp and paper industry
          Peter Baets, Sr Project Manager, PURAC, Netherlands

11.30  Morning refreshments 

Production of transportation fuels from pyrolysis oil
          - processing pyrolysis oil in conventional petroleum refineries
          - quality considerations
          - upgrading of pyrolysis oil by mild hydrotreatment 
  Kristiina Iisa, Senior Research Engineer - Thermochemical Process

Biorefinery: An Australian perspective
strength and weaknesses of Australia to implement the biorefinery
            (analysis from lignocellulosic, energy, water, market, capitals, manpowe,
             emission trading scheme perspective)
          - analysis of current biorefinery industry in Australia 
          - roadmap and strategy
          - current research and development initiative. 
          Gil Garnier, Professor, Department of Chemical
          Engineering, MONASH UNIVERSITY, and Director, APPI, Australia

13.00  Lunch will be served for all speakers and delegates

Alternative fuel technologies – distributed power generation in the
          paper industry
          - manufacturing costs - energy and waste disposal
          - waste profiles and current waste management techniques
          - distributed power generation - opportunities for rejects
          - gasfication technology to recover energy from papermaking residues 
            theory and practice - New R&D intiatives
            Dr Martin Kay, Head of Consulting, PIRA INTERNATIONAL, UK


14.30  3G biorefining of non-wood raw materials 
          - principles of our 3rd generation biorefining technology 
          - potential of nonwood biomasses
          - results from our demonstration plant
          - highlights of our industrial projects
           Dr Juha Anttila, Director, Process Technology, CHEMPOLIS, Finland

Novel thermostable enzyme preparations for biomass conversion
          - cellulases and hemicellulases
          - thermostable enzyme cocktail
          - trichoderma cell factory 
          - enzymatic biomass hydrolysis
          Jari Vehmaanperä, Research Director, ROAL, Finland

Synthetic fuels and chemicals from biomass – concept, technology &
          status of the bioliq process
          - how to overcome logistical problems of biomass supply
          - pretreatment of biomass
          - biosyncrude as a versatile intermediate
          - product flexibility by syngas generation
Dr Nicolaus Dahmen, bioliq Project Manager, KARLSRUHE INSTITUTE
          OF TECHNOLOGY, Germany

16.00  Closing remarks from the Chair

16.10  Refreshments will be served before departure

Who Should Attend?


The programme is designed for the entire pulp and paper industry biorefinery supply chain. If you work for a pulp and paper mill, a technology provider, a government agency, a raw materials provider, industrial biotechnology company or are a consultant, researcher or academic in this field, this conference is not to be missed. Typically, senior level staff with responsibility for business development, technical process engineering or R&D have found the programme of utmost significance and benefit.


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