Veterinary Management of African Wildlife Conference

Pretoria, Gauteng
Wednesday, 22 February 2017



07:30   Registration                                      


Session Chair:  Dr Silke Pfitzer

08:30   Welcome by DEAN FVS                        Prof Darrell Abernethy

08:45   Welcome by SAVA president                Dr Johan Marais

09:00   Welcome and industry introductions by SAVA WG chairman         Dr Greg Simpson



09:15   Medicine" required to save Africa’s rhinos KEYNOTE      

         Dr Michael Knight

10:00   Tea                                             

10:40   Overview of Diseases of African Rhinoceros

         Prof Michele Miller

11:20   Mycobacterium bovis infection in a free-ranging

black rhinoceros  – application of tools to facilitate rapid diagnosis           Prof Michele Miller

11:40   Exploring the susceptibility of white rhinoceroses

           (Ceratotherium simum) to bovine tuberculosis                     Prof Anita Michel

12:00   Lunch                                         


13:15   Immune responses to mycobacterium bovis in white     

            rhinoceros and their use in diagnosis of infection   Dr Sven Parsons


Session Chair:  Dr Gerhard Steenkamp       

13:35   A new pulse oximetry sensor design for the use in the white

rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum)      Dr Julia Reiners

13:55   Plasma biochemistry reference intervals on two analysers for the

            white rhinoceros, Ceratotherium simumDr Emma Hooijberg

14:15   Comparing haematological and biochemical parameters of

           non-injured and criticallly injured immobilised white rhinoceroses

           (Ceratotherium simum simum)              Dr JP du Preez

14:35  Health evaluation of a hand Raised orphaned elephant calf in

             captivity in Rajaji Tiger Reserve, India Dr Aditi Sharma

14:55   Tea                                             

15:35   Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of intravenous and oral

           enrofloxacin and ciprofloxacin in white rhinoceros –

           a possible treatment option for injured poaching victims?       

                                                                        Dr Marion Leiberich

15:55   The characterisation of semen collected, by means of electro-

            ejaculation, from free-ranging African elephants (Loxodonta

africana) and Southern white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum simum) using computer-aided sperm analysis (CASA).  

         Ms Ilse Luther

16:15   Assisted reproduction technologies, biobanking and the

one-plan-approach to species conservation: rhinos and elephant as examples                                             Dr Imke Lüders

16:35   Factors influencing horn growth and consequences of

dehorning game-ranched white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum simum)                                                    Dr Cyriel Ververs

16:55   Drinks                                         

18:00   Wine pairing and Quiz                





Session Chair:   Dr Richard Burroughs 

8:00     Registration                               

8:30     Black rhino translocation – what’s new? Dr Dave Cooper

9:20     Pneumocystis pneumonia in a white rhino orphan        

                                             Dr Nicolize O’Dell

9:40     Rhino orphans- lessons learnt   

Dr Albertus Coetzee &

Dr Ferreira du Plessis

10:20   Tea                                             



11:00   Protected areas and people: where have all the elephant and

rhino gone, and more important why?         Dr Michael Kock

11:40   The rogue wild elephant Immobilization and release in

Bandipur National Park, Karnataka, India.   Dr Prayag H.S

12:00   The prevalence of tuberculosis in domesticated African Elephant

(Loxodonta africana)and their handlersin the Victoria Falls and Livingstone area               Dr Tapiwanashe George Hanyire

12:20   Lunch

Session Chair:   Mike Kock                   

13:10    Wildlife Parmaceuticals sponsored talk

13:20   Effective rhino dehorning                    Dr Jacques O'Dell

13:50   Detection of zoonotic arboviruses in wildlife in South Africa    Prof Marietjie Venter

14:10   Experiences at field laboratory for wildlife disease in Zimbabwe     Dr

                                                                                 Chris Foggin

14:50   How to move 500 elephants               Dr Andre Uys

15:30   Tea                                             

16:10   OPEN DEBATE                             

18:10   Pizza and drinks                         





8:00     Registration                               




Session Chair:  Dr Adrian Tordiffe       

8:30     Can we call them Wildlife Diseases anymore?         KEYNOTE

Dr William Karesh

9:10     A goat pox virus outbreak in non-domestic hoofstock at Al Wabra

wildlife preservation (AWWP), QATAR  Dr Francois le Grange

9:30     Pox virus investigation at the National Zoological Gardens of SA                       Mr Almero Oosthuizen

9:50     Moelcular diagnostics and epidemiology of Toxoplasma gondii

in wildlife                                                      Dr Essa Suleman

10:10   Monitoring adrenal cortical function as a measure of stress in

             blue wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus)   Dr Adél R de Haast

10:30   Tea                                             

11:10   The diagnostic sensitivity of selected tests for M. bovis infection

in African buffaloes                              Dr Sven Parsons

11:40   Use of novel tools for the detection of BTB in warthogs

Dr Eduard Roos

12:00   Veterinary biosafety management of wildlife utilisation during anthrax outbreaks in free-ranging wild animals in nature reserves in the west of the Greater Kruger National Park area

Dr Bjorn Reininghaus

12:20   The high incidence of wild cheetah mortality during immobilisation  Mr Vincent van der Merwe

12:40   Lunch

Session Chair:  Dr Peter Caldwell        

13:40   Nutritional deficiencies in captive Caracal caracal(Caracal) and Leptailurus serval(Serval) kittens                 Dr Dorian Elliot

14:00   Prevalence of ocular pathology in two groups of adult captive

             cheetahs                                                      Dr Christie Boucher

14:20   African wild dog canine distemper outbreak in a national park and subsequent vaccination campaign and health survey 

Dr Louis van Schalkwyk

14:40   (Dis)temper tantrums: Investgating host susceptibility to canine distemper virus               Dr Angelika Loots

15:00   Suspected hypokalemic polymyopathy in two white lion cubs (Panthera leo kruger)                    Dr Ellie Milnes

15:20   Tea                                             

16:00   The quick and the dead: pathogenesis of kidney disease in captive

cheethas (Acinonyx jubatus)               Dr Emily Mitchell

16:30   Suspected copper deficiency associated myocardial degeneration “Falling Disease” in an adult roan antelope bull.       

                                             Dr Rick Last

16:50   Haemorrhagic septicaemia-like syndrome in a Cape buffalo (Syncerus caffer) and a black impala (Aepyceros melampus), both culture negative forPasteurella multocida but positive forMoraxellasp withSalmonellaspp co-infections        

Dr June Williams

17:10  SAVA WG AGM                          

19:10  Snacks and drinks                             Chair Greg Simpson





8:00     Registration                               



Session Chair:   Dr Katja Koeppel                 KEYNOTE

8:30     The rhino in the room                          Dr Johan Marais

09:10   Physiological and immunological effects of capture and

confinement in lions                            Dr Danny Govender

09:30   The description of gastric ulceration in captive bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus/aduncus) at Ushaka Seaworld                                     Dr Caryl Knox

09:50   Widllife fermentation vats                   Prof Tony Shakepeare

10:30   Tea                                             

11:10   Using heart rate variability in wildlife research to assess stress     

Dr Friederike Pohlin

11:30   Capture induced hyperthermia in cheetahs Dr Adrian Tordiffe

11:50   Endocrine monitoring of reproduction and stress in wildlife                               Prof Andre Ganswindt

12:20   Cardiopulmonary effects of anaesthesia maintained by propofol

             infusion versus isoflurane inhalation in cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus)                           Dr Roxanne Buck

12:40   Lunch

Session Chair:   Dr Angela Bruens       

13:40   Evaluation of two different doses of butorphanol- medetomidine –

midazolam for anaethesia in free-ranging versus captive black-footed cats (felis nigripes)                   Dr Birgit Eggers

14:00   Thiafentanil-medetomidine is no faster at imobilising impala

(Aepyceros melampus) compared to etorphine-medetomidine: a look into impala immobilisation                  Dr Gareth Zeiler

14:20   Evaluation of a partially reversible immobilization protocol using Medetomidine, Butorphanol, Zolazepam-Tiletamine, and Ketamine in free-ranging warthogs (Phacochoeus africanus)in Kruger National Park.           Dr Jenny Hewlett

14:40   Current antelope drug combinations as used by practising

   wildlife veterinarians in South Africa    Dr Douw Grobler

15:10   Tea                                             

15:50   The cardiovascular effects of azaperone and butorphanol in

             etorphine immobilised white rhinos (Ceraotherium simum)    

                                                                        Dr Peter Buss

16:10   Butorphanol in etorphine immobilised white rhinos improves arterial blood gases through reducing oxygen consumption?                                         

Dr Peter Buss

16:30   Hypoxia during immobilization, not a simple cause       

                                                                        Dr Leith Meyer

17:10  Drinks                                        

18:00  Gala dinner and talk - "Overview of natural history of southern

   Africa"                                                  Prof Duncan Mitchell

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