2017 ITRI Asia Tin Week

Kunming Shi, Yunnan Sheng
Tuesday, 12 September 2017
ITRI Asia Tin Week 
 13th - 14th September - ITRI Asia Tin Summit - click here to download programme 

 14th September - Futures Market and Hedging Seminar (language Chinese)


Registration may be made by credit card online, if you need to pay by bank transfer please email conferencing@itri.co.uk


Conference Delegate, ITRI Board Member and Speaker Packages include:
12 September:   Cocktail Reception
13 September:   Conference Sessions, Gala Dinner
14 September:   Conference session or Futures Market and Hedging Seminar, Yunnan Nationalities Village Tour
15 September:   Smelter Visit (YTC)

Partner Package includes:
12 September:   Cocktail Reception
13 September:   Conference Sessions, Gala Dinner
14 September:   Yunnan Nationalities Village Tour
15 September:   Smelter Visit (YTC)

Yunnan Nationalities Village Tour - 14th September, 13.50 hrs - 19.00 hrs
The Yunnan Nationalities Village is located on the northeastern shore of Dianchi Lake, 6 Kilometres south of Kunming and on the west by the Western Mountain Forest Reserve.  This is a theme park of sorts - an ethnographic display of the architecture and ways of live of Yunnan's minority population.  Endowed with lofty hills, beautiful pools, exquisite traditional houses and rare plants, Yunnan Nationalities Village showcases the architectural styles, religious beliefs, and folk customs of 26 ethnic groups in exquisite detail.  There are various shows that take place such as a welcoming ceremony with performing White Elephants and a film shown on a fountain of water.  This tour is included in delegate, speaker and partner packages.


 YTCSmelter Visit - 15th September, 06.45 hrs - 22.00 hrs
We are pleased to be able to offer a tour to the YTC Smelter.  The tour will leave the hotel at approximately 6.45am and return to the hotel at 22.00 hrs. It is recommended that delegates wear jeans or track suit bottoms and comfortable sues.  A sun hat is recommended.  Numbers are restricted, so early booking is recommended. 

 About Yunnan Tin Company Ltd
Founded in 1913, the smelting branch of Yunnan Tin is now affiliated to Yunnan Tin Company Limited. It is a tin smelting and processing enterprise with production volumes and capacities which lead the tin market both in China and internationally. It has approximately 51 product varieties, including refined tin, tin solder and tin-based alloy. As its major product, refined tin has been registered on the London Metal Exchange with the registered trademark of "YT". By combining its extensive experience in tin smelting technology with a significant research and development programme over many years, the company created its own advanced tin smelting process based on the Ausmelt top-submerged-lance (TSL) technology. The Ausmelt process is augmented by refining tin metal using electrically heated continuous crystallizers and vacuum furnaces to remove lead and bismuth, resulting in a leading international tin smelting and refining system. The company is capable of producing various grades of refined tin, including high purity varieties.
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