Terahertz Systems and Industrial Applications

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

   Terahertz Systems and Industrial Applications



TeraNova is an enterprising European project, bringing together partners who exploit the radiation between microwaves and infra-red – driving forward fundamental research and applications.

Project Background

Until very recently, one region of the electromagnetic spectrum remained unexploited.  This is the Terahertz (THz) region that lies between microwaves and infra-red.  TeraNova is an ambitious €5 million, 54 month Integrated Project, funded by the EU under the 6th Framework's Information Science & Technologies activity.  The aim is to build on recent significant European technological developments and harness the unique properties of THz radiation.  The project conducts basic and applied research into devices and systems that operate in the THz region of the spectrum, in the areas of: healthcare; security; and, bio-analytics; and, process engineering.

The TeraNova Consortium

TeraNova has had up to 18 industrial & academic partners throughout Europe, in: Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland & the UK.

Project Objectives

TeraNova has enhanced the present state of THz technology and solve practical problems in four main areas:

  1. Under-pinning technologies – through the development of new functional components.
  2. Basic Science e.g. studies of spectroscopy, scattering and the transmission of radiation through non-homogenous materials such as clothing or drugs.
  3. Development of proof-of-principle demonstrators.
  4. Development of ‘field’ demonstrator systems:
      • semiconductor wafer and device scanner;
      • MIST – micro-integrated sensor to analyse X/Y spermatozoa


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