SAEVA Congress 2015

Stellenbosch, Western Cape
Monday, 16 February 2015
Annual South African Equine Veterinary Association Congress    
2015 – South Africa: Scientific Program     
SUNDAY 15 February 2015  
17H00: Registration  
18H00: Welcoming Cocktail  
MONDAY 16 February 2015  
07H00 – 08H00: Late registration  
OPENING SESSION: Deon van Tonder    
08H00 – 09H00: Fluid therapy for colic - tricks that can be used in the field Hal Schott
09H00 – 10H00: Renal failure in horses: what can we do? Hal Schott
10H00 – 10H30: Introduction of Trade  
10H30 – 11H15:  Tea    
11H15 – 11H30: Sponsored session  
11H30 – 12H00: Epidemiology of West Nile virus and endemic arboviruses in   
  neurological disease in South Africa: a One Health approach Marietjie Venter
12H00 – 13H00: Equine abdominal ultrasound Rachael Conwell
13H00 – 14H00:  Lunch  
SESSION TWO:  Manfred Rohwer  
14H00 – 15H00: Equine Allergies: what can we do about itchy horses? Annette Petersen
15H00 – 15H30: The headshaking horse: investigation and management Zoe Gratwick
15H30 – 16H00:  Tea  
16H00 – 17H00: Interpretation of cervical radiographs and other diagnostic   
  imaging for equine wobbler syndrome Richard Piercy
17H00 – 17H30: FEI update Sheelagh Higgerty
17H30 – 18H00: Committee feedback  
18H00 – 19H00: AGM  
TUESDAY 17 February 2015  
SESSION THREE:  Bev Parker  
07H15 – 08H00: African horsesickness update Camilla Weyer
08H00 – 09H00: The equine neurological examination Richard Piercy
09H00 – 10H00: Neuromuscular causes of gait deficits Richard Piercy
10H00 – 10H15: Sponsored session  
10H15 – 11H00: Tea  
11H00 – 12H00:  Fat, foundered horses - Equine Metabolic Syndrome and Laminitis   
  Overview of EMS/IR in horses Hal Schott
12H00 – 13H00: Pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction - diagnosis and treatment Hal Schott
13H00 – 14H00: Lunch  
Sport(s) afternoon!    
WEDNESDAY 18 February 2015  
SESSION FOUR:  Bennie van der Merwe  
08H00 – 09H00: Challenge of endurance exercise:  Overview of endurance work, failure to finish, and causes of fatalities Hal Schott
09H00 – 10H00: Electrolytes for endurance horses - are they needed? Hal Schott
10H00 - 10H15: Sponsored session  
10H15 – 11H00: Tea  
11H00 – 12H00: Pastern Dermatitis and Beyond Annette Petersen
12H00 – 13H00: Investigation and management of horses with seizures Richard Piercy
13H00 – 14H00: Lunch   
GALA SESSION: Deon van Tonder   
14H00 – 15H00: Pathophysiology and management of equine exertional rhabdomyolysis Richard Piercy
15H00 – 15H15: Sponsored session  
15H15 – 16H00: Tea   
16H00 – 17H00:  Investigation of adult horses with chronic diarrhea Rachael Conwell
19H00: Robin Rous Dinner.     
THURSDAY 19 February 2015  
FINAL SESSION: Sheelagh Higgerty   
08H00 – 09H00: Do horses really get liver disease? Hal Schott
09H00 – 10H00: Another skinny horse with a normal physical exam: now what? Hal Schott 
10H00 – 10H30: Hyaluronic acid, more than just lubrication  Roberto Ragni-Alunni
10H30 – 11H00: Tea  
11H00 – 12H00: Pathophysiology of recurrent laryngeal neuropathy Richard Piercy
12H00 – 13H00: Dealing with the recumbent horse at equestrian athletic events Richard Piercy
13H00 – 14H00: Lunch   
- END -    

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