**Registration with accommodation has now closed**


The deadline for registration with accommodation has now passed. You can still register but we cannot book you any accommodation.

Welcome to the National Conference 2018 registration page. In order to make the process easier and quicker we ask you to take a few minutes to check you have exactly what you need:

  • If you are a HE Institution, you need to have elected your Delegates through a cross-campus ballot - Read more about this here
  • Check your delegate entitlement (this one is really important!) - view it here
  • Ensured that 50% (rounded down) of your delegates self-identify as women (also really important!) - Read about this policy here
  • Collected details for each person you are going to register
  • Collected individual email addresses for each of your Voting Delegates.
  • Have a look at our Registration FAQ. It has lots of answers to common questions - You can read it here

If you are registering on behalf of somebody else there is separate space to enter your details so that we can get in touch with you.

The types of registrants are:

  • Delegates -these are the people you send to vote and contribute to debates. The system will only let you register as many places as are in your delegate entitlement. No charge.
  • Observers - these are the people you send who can contribute to debates but can't vote. You can register a maximum of three. SU Staff should't be registered as Observers, please register as a Balcony Visitor. Observer fee is £180
  • SU Free Observers - Same as above but if you have a Delegate entitlement of one you get to send one free Observer.
  • Balcony Visitor - not directly participating in conference but able to watch what happens from the balcony and go to fringes and exhibitions. Fee is £20 plus accommodation
  • NUS Colleague. This is for NUS staff to register.

If you have any queries about registration please read our Registration FAQ

For all National Conference 2018 information please consult the Conference Hub

We look forward to welcoming you to National Conference. See you in Glasgow!

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