Observer - No Accommodation Details

Types of Observers include:

  • A Students' Union observer £180
  • An NUS Committee member (Liberation, Sections or Nations) £180

OBSERVER | A student or elected student officer who is appointed to attend as a speaking observer to National Conference on behalf of an NUS Constituent Member (Students’ Union). Observers are from either a Students' Union or other parts of NUS membership (Area Organisations, Nations, Liberation or Sections - see Rule 309).

The ‘Observer’ pass includes a fee which gives the observer access to conference floor with speaking rights, access to both the fringes & exhibition.

As the accommodation deadline has now passed accommodation is not included in this booking

The only unions exempt from the fee shall be Unions with a delegate entitlement of 1 (who should select Free SU Observer - below). Observer places are limited to 3 per Union, Nation, Liberation Campaign, Section and 2 per Area organisation (see Rule 309).

NUS SECURE CODE | This is your unique 8 digit code that was sent to your General Manager/CEO and President in July 2016, at the start of the academic year.

If you do not have this, you will not be able to proceed with your registration. To get your secure code, please ask your General Manager/CEO or President. If they do not have the code, they will need to contact NUS Customer Services from their union email address to request it. Please note, secure codes will not be given out over the phone.