Balcony Visitor - No Accommodation Details

Types of visitors include:


  • A student or student organisation representative - £20
  • Students’ Union Staff - £20
  • Student Media - £20
  • NSoA members
  • NUS guests

VISITOR | A visitor to National Conference can range from representatives of student media and national student organisations to Students’ Union staff and other guests invited by the National President. A £20 admin fee is applied.

A ‘Visitor’ pass includes a fee and gives the visitor access to the balcony to watch National Conference and access to both the fringes & exhibition. Visitors have no speaking or voting rights and no access to Conference floor.

Please note visitor passes are granted at the discretion of the National President.

As the accommodation booking deadline has now passed you will not be able to select accommodation

NUS SECURE CODE |This is your unique 8 digit code that was sent to your General Manager/SSLO and President in September, at the start of the academic year.

If you do not have this, you will not be able to proceed with your registration. To get your secure code, please ask your General Manager/SSLO or President. If they do not have the code, they will need to contact NUS Customer Services from their union email address to request it. Please note, secure codes will not be given out over the phone.